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Welcome To The Bettr Alpha Community


Bettr is currently in Alpha mode. It’s just a techie way to say ‘the beginning’. We’ve already been around for 2 years, building proprietary technology infrastructure and integrating with banking networks.

We’re now getting started on building our customer platform which includes our IOS and Android mobile banking apps, designing our cards and payment experiences – the most important thing to make your daily banking better.

Right now, our focus is primarily on designing the apps, ensuring that your experience will be faster and simpler when it comes to your financial matters. We call it Alpha Ver 0.1.

Because we’ll be working with people’s money, it’s especially important that we get it right from day one. Alpha allows us to do just this, giving us a safe space and the time to figure things out. You see, a lot of the app features we plan on delivering to you have never been done before, and so it’s a case of trial, error, and at times a developer flipping their lid, before we get it right.

Alpha mode is also when we get your valuable input. Every step of the way, we’re getting our community to test the prototypes, and tell us what they think. This means that we get real human feedback, not after the app is live, but while we’re in the process of building it.

We’ve already had some really great ideas from our testers, and our team are busy implementing their feedback now. You can help test the next version of the app. Just sign up here if you haven’t already, and we’ll get in touch when we need your eyes and ideas.

At this stage, when you sign up to Bettr, you’re joining our community. We set you up with a basic profile, that allows us to keep you in the loop regarding testing and to keep track of your unique referral link. Your referral link is a way to tell your friends, family and colleagues about Bettr and get rewarded for spreading the news.

When you sign up, we allocate R500 to your profile. You can unlock this reward one sign up at a time – R50 per friend, for up to 10 friends. The money becomes available to you only when the app is live and you have an account and your friends download the app, open an account, and activate their accounts too.

Being part of the Bettr community during Alpha means you’re coming along for the journey – helping us build something that’s going to make a real difference to our country’s financial future.

Welcome aboard!


    • Hello 🙂

      Right now we won’t be doing business banking but do plan to roll something out in the future. Stay close to our social pages to keep in the loop with when we launch.

      In the mean time you can sign up for yourself and join the alpha community.

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